What the heck is behavioural science, and how can you make it work for you?

If you’ve heard the buzz about behavioural science but don’t know where to start, this is it! This is the place to start.

Over a 1hr webinar, we’ll do our best Derren Brown impressions to show you our behavioural irrationalities in action, then take you through a series of stories, exercises and practical behavioural science techniques that you can take away and use from the moment we awkwardly Zoom-wave goodbye to you.

Then, after the session, we’ll give you a super-clear hand-out of the techniques we’ve run through so you don’t succumb to The Forgetting Curve.

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    Really enjoyed it! It’s definitely got me interested in learning more about how behavioural science can be used in communications.

    - Workshop Participant

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • That you and everyone you know can be irrational
      Nothing to worry about, it’s just part of what makes us human.
    • Why we’re irrational
      What’s going on in our brains that makes us behave the strange ways we do.
    • What that means for business
      How massive results can be achieved with simple applications of behavioural science.
    • A practical method for you to use right away
      What it is, where it’s been used, why it works, and how to use it.


    This hour-long course will be great a starting point to get you into the swing of behavioural science, but it will only take you so far.

    If you want to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into using behavioural science techniques for yourself, check out our ‘One-day behavioural insights course’. It might well be more up your street.

    Is this for you?

    • You’ve heard of behavioural science but not much more.
      Yes, it’s for you.
    • You know a bit about behavioural science but you want something practical to use.
      Yes, it’s for you.
    • You love behavioural science and want your team to love it too.
      Yes, it’s for them.
    • You have an hour free and you want to have fun learning something.
      Yes, it’s for you.
    • You want to become a behavioural scientist.
      No, try our 1-day course instead.
    • You’ve got a PhD from Princeton in behavioural science with Daniel Kahneman.
      No, you’re lost.

    Fun, inspiring, good insights. Easy to follow, good interaction, not too long, not too short, both presenters very good. Relaxed, fun, come out as very knowledgeable, just loved it.

    This was one of the best presentations that I've seen for a while and the best part is, it can be used immediately and as is for the our clients [sic]. Also, I really like the science angle…it's actually based on something!

    Really enjoyed it! It’s definitely got me interested in learning more about how behavioural science can be used in communications.

    Interactive, easy to follow along and George and Shelley are just very likable and fun to listen to.

    It was fun, interactive (at the right level), I learned a lot, I think it is useful in my job.

    It was clear to understand, based on science, but with practical examples.

    Great examples and easy to follow. Gave me great input for my next meetings.

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