Becoming a behavioural business is about culture change.

Picture a future where everyone in your business thinks like a behavioural scientist...

Everyone understands that people can act in strange, sometimes irrational ways


They don’t plan rose-tinted projects that assume we’re all robots where your audiences react just the way you want whatever the context.

They plan them around the wonderful reality of what humans are really like. So you see problems coming, and you can tackle them upfront.

Instead of using only their intuition, your people make decisions with intent


Not going into projects using subjective experiences and anecdotal evidence.

They use data, academic rigour, testing, and practical techniques to maximise the effectiveness of their work.

Everyone takes a fail-fast, experimental mindset to their work


 They don’t put all their eggs into one idea, only to have to ‘pivot’ expensively later on.

They plan several behaviourally optimised ways to achieve the best results, testing them out and measuring the impact before scaling up for success.

All that is possible,

and we can help you make it happen

Really enjoyed it! It’s definitely got me interested in learning more about how behavioural science can be used in communications.

- Workshop Participant

How we’ll help you become a behavioural business

  • First we’ll get our bearings.
    Understanding your culture, your work, and the kinds of projects your key teams carry out.
  • Then we’ll train your influencers.
    Identifying great flagship teams who can lead the charge in using behavioural business to achieve fantastic results, and training them in the Coglode ‘DO-IT’ methodology.
  • Next, we’ll lead effective behavioural science projects.
    Making a tangible difference to the metrics that matter, and showing people how powerful behavioural science can be at achieving business goals.
  • We’ll give your people the behavioural tools to thrive.
    Practical guidance on how to apply behavioural science to the parts of the business that build your culture, your reputation, and your balance sheet.
  • We’ll support your people as they do.
    Helping them to work behaviourally, and offering hands-on support like clinics, coaching and ad-hoc guidance to make sure people can keep flexing their behavioural muscles over the long-haul.

Over time, your teams will become behavioural science experts

  • Able to define behavioural goals which lead to business outcomes.
  • Diagnose behavioural issues before they arise.
  • Improve your existing ways of working by applying behavioural science techniques.
  • Test those interventions and identify which are most effective.
  • Identify and measure why projects do and don’t work.
  • Scale up the interventions that give you the maximum bang for your buck.
Start with our one day training session
If your team is excited about the potential of behavioural science and wants to dive deeper, we’d love to help them get there.

Fun, inspiring, good insights. easy to follow, good interaction, not to long, not to short, both presenters very good, relaxed, fun, come out as very knowledgeable, just loved it.

This was one of the best presentations that I've seen for a while and the best part is, it can be used immediately and as is for the our clients [sic]. Also, I really like the science angle…it's actually based on something!

Really enjoyed it! It’s definitely got me interested in learning more about how behavioural science can be used in communications.

Interactive, easy to follow along and George and Shelley are just very likable and fun to listen to.

It was fun, interactive (at the right level), I learned a lot, I think it is useful in my job.

It was clear to understand, based on science, but with practical examples.

Great examples and easy to follow. Gave me great input for my next meetings.

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