You don’t have a behavioural science problem.

What you have is a comms problem, a change management problem, or a marketing problem.

Thing is, any time you want people to do things, change things, choose things, start things, stop things, or buy things, behavioural insights can scientifically super-charge your campaigns.

If you’ve got a tricky comms, change, or marketing project where your audiences just aren’t behaving in their best interests and it’s not clear why, get in touch. That’s exactly the kind of project we love.

Really enjoyed it! It’s definitely got me interested in learning more about how behavioural science can be used in communications.

- Workshop Participant

Our process


Defining and researching

First we understand your objectives, your people, and the behavioural hurdles that are standing between you and the success you’re after. That means carrying out interviews and workshops with your people to understand where the problems and frustrations are, and then observing how the people you’re looking to influence really behave at the key touchpoints where we can affect decision-making.

We cross-reference our findings with the latest academic research to identify the key behaviours that we can influence to help you nail your metrics, and from there we plan our interventions.


Creative interventions

Now we use behavioural science principles to create practical ways in which to shift the behaviours that affect your objectives.

We create several interventions at this stage so that when we go into testing, we can identify which are most effective, ready for them to be scaled up and rolled out.


Real world testing

We take our ideas out into the world and pilot them alongside your current way of doing things.

We think of it as designing and launching several little dinghies and watching closely to see which float.

Once we can identify and measure which are the most buoyant ideas and why, we know exactly which are ready to scale up, load up, and roll out.



Finally, once we’ve found the most effective intervention, we roll it out.

We measure the impact along the way, and as the results come in we further iron out any final kinks, and refine our method to maximise the effect of the intervention on the behaviours you care about.

Without taking an age, without breaking the bank, and without any costly IT or process restructures.

Behavioural Economics London

Our credentials

Our consultants have MScs from the London School of Economics under the tutelage of the delightfully frank ‘Happiness Professor’ Professor Paul Dolan, as well as being accredited trainers of our partners, Coglode.

Between them, our behavioural scientists have also collected 20+ years in corporate change, marketing and communications and get a real kick out of combining streetwise problem solving with the very latest academic thinking.

Fun, inspiring, good insights. easy to follow, good interaction, not too long, not too short, both presenters very good. Relaxed, fun, come out as very knowledgeable, just loved it.

This was one of the best presentations that I've seen for a while and the best part is, it can be used immediately and as is for the our clients [sic]. Also, I really like the science angle…it's actually based on something!

Really enjoyed it! It’s definitely got me interested in learning more about how behavioural science can be used in communications.

Interactive, easy to follow along and George and Shelley are just very likable and fun to listen to.

It was fun, interactive (at the right level), I learned a lot, I think it is useful in my job.

It was clear to understand, based on science, but with practical examples.

Great examples and easy to follow. Gave me great input for my next meetings.

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