Want to bring behavioural insights into your everyday work ASAP?

If you’re already firmly on the behavioural science bandwagon and you’re now itching to find practical ways to apply it to your everyday work – or even your everyday life – this workshop is for you.

It’ll give you and your team a set of uber-practical tools and a methodology that you can take back and apply to your projects and even your internal processes right away. It’s a whole shared language and way of working that will allow you to bring behavioural science into your business with ease.

Plus it’s super-interactive and fun to do – so the workshop doubles up as a great team-building day that everyone will be excited to tell their other colleagues and even their friends and family about.

When we deliver it in person the workshop takes a full day – but right now we’re delivering it remotely in two three-hour sessions, normally on consecutive days.

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    I love that it's immediately applicable and I have problems that it can solve for me now. I like this field and very much appreciate how accessible the nuggets make it for me.

    - Workshop Participant


    One day

    Currently delivered remotely over two half-days


    8 - 10 people


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    What happens on the course?

    Here’s what you’ll learn on the day:

    • We’ll give you a brief introduction to the history of behavioural science and power of behavioural research.
    • You’ll find out the key best-practices for applying behavioural insights.
    • We’ll introduce you to Coglode’s amazing nuggets and a practical methodology for applying behavioural insights to live projects.
    • You’ll learn how to DO-IT – define and diagnose problems, overcome behavioural barriers, ideate and iterate dynamic solutions and, finally, test to find the strongest ideas.
    • We’ll dazzle you with some interesting real-world examples of how these techniques have worked in the real world.
    • You’ll get some practice applying what you’ve learned in some fun and very interactive group exercises.
    • At the end of the workshop, you’ll have the tools you need to go away and apply the techniques right away.

    This is for you if:

    • You’re new to behavioural science – but very keen to find out more.
    • You think behavioural science is the next big thing and want to make sure you’re up to speed with how you can use it.
    • You’ve read up a bit and are now super-keen to find a practical way to use behavioural insights in your work.
    • You want to actively share some common language and tools with your team, so you can work together to become a behavioural business.

    I enjoyed how interactive it was, but in a way that wasn't too challenging. Also, the visuals throughout the session were really engaging made it easy to connect all of the elements of DOIT

    Fun, inspiring, good insights. easy to follow, good interaction, not too long, not too short, both presenters very good. Relaxed, fun, come out as very knowledgeable, just loved it.

    This was one of the best presentations that I've seen for a while and the best part is, it can be used immediately and as is for the our clients [sic]. Also, I really like the science angle…it's actually based on something!

    Really enjoyed it! It’s definitely got me interested in learning more about how behavioural science can be used in communications.

    Interactive, easy to follow along and George and Shelley are just very likable and fun to listen to.

    It was fun, interactive (at the right level), I learned a lot, I think it is useful in my job.

    Loved the energy! As a newbie to Behavioural Science, it was a great introduction to understand the discipline and how effective it is.

    It was clear to understand, based on science, but with practical examples.

    Great examples and easy to follow. Gave me great input for my next meetings.

    I really enjoyed the application of what we learnt, I think it is clever using Miro virtually and having breakout rooms to work together. They weren't difficult tasks but got you thinking, and pulled the creative side out from the uncreative ones in the group!

    What you'll get:

    Coglode Nuggets

    If you join this workshop, you get your very own box of nuggets!

    We’re proud accredited partners of Coglode and their Nuggets are a big reason why. They’ve somehow managed to accurately and accessibly distil the very latest behavioural science insights into incredibly practical bite-size chunks.

    Each ‘Nugget’ introduces a behavioural principle that can be applied to your work right away. Then, on the back, they each break down the academic papers that prove that insight, and offer 3-4 ways that you can use that principle to improve your work.

    It’s a world-leading product, and for us, the absolute best way to get started using behavioural science right away.

    Our trainers

    Our trainers have MScs from the London School of Economics under the tutelage of the delightfully frank ‘Happiness Professor’ Professor Paul Dolan and have been further trained as trainers by our very own Coglode partners.

    Between them, our behavioural scientists have also collected 20+ years in corporate change, marketing and communications and get a real kick out of combining streetwise problem solving, with the very latest academic thinking.

    Shelley Hoppe

    Shelley knows what makes people tick.

    As our agency director and strategist, she’s played an integral role in building behavioural science into what we do. Before founding her own agency in 2009, Shelley spent her early career in a variety of marketing and employee communication roles within large corporates in the tech, energy and pharmaceuticals realm, where she developed a fascination for how communications can shape culture.

    An MSc in behavioural science from the LSE was a natural next step.

    George Smith

    George is a strategist, writer and behavioural scientist.

    In his first role he helped define and roll out the tones of voice for a third of the FTSE 100 before moving on to create brands and write marketing campaigns for businesses across the US, EMEA and the Middle East.

    His claim to fame is actually that he’s the person that named 5G ‘5G’ (although nobody ever believes him).

    Now settled at Spoon UK, George heads up consulting and comms projects for the agency, and using his recent MSc in behavioural science from LSE he runs workshops to help business people use behavioural science to do whatever it is they do, more effectively.

    Our behavioural scientists
    Shelley our resident Behavioural Science expert

    I enjoyed the exercises, working out how to put the nuggets into practice, using practical everyday examples, and working in a team.

    - Workshop Participant

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